It's funny until it is not funny is what Kamene and Jalas are telling you this morning on The Morning Kiss. about a picture of a baby who resembles him. 

"Talking about Fathers Day, there is this photo I am being tagged in of this baby who they are saying is my lookalike. Which I am happy about." Jalas said

Kamene who was also not amused by these 'meme' responded saying.


"I got so many sending this to me saying skumia Jalas. So this photo of a boy is doing rounds of a boy saying he is looking for his father who is a radio presenter and a comedian and I did not get it."

"It is funny until it is not funny. People are telling me to post and I am like can you imagine what the parents are going through. Because it is not them who took that photo and wrote that caption. Imagine if it was your child?" Jalango said

For Kamene, these meme go beyond the boy and his family. There is also Jalang'os family who were just having a normal day then boom.

"Bro it can be messy. We do not know how it is going but imagine the fathers feeling then you guys want to plant a seed i his head of doubt. If he was an insecure father it would be messy for him.

This is a child who does not deserve his photo all over and then you have put someone else's family in the line. Imagine God forbid if your wife was a fyat? "

Mr. Heavy J Baba was clear that he will not be propagating that meme because it is not funny.

"People have told me to post but I have said no. This is not my kid and it would be very bad if I post it because it would bring doubt to the family. But I am happy there is a doppelganger of me somewhere and I hope he will grow up tp be an amazing person."