Corazon Kwamboka is still appreciating the man Frankie Kiarie aka Just GymIt is to his family.

Taking to social media, she wrote him a very beautiful message saying,

"On August 3, 2020. I experienced a different side of you, how you ran around between the hospital and the house sorting out everything, I was so clueless.


I remember crying because I literally couldn’t get the baby to latch on, different nurses came to try to help and I just couldn’t get it. You stepped in and for almost a month you would help me adjust the baby during feeding to make sure he latched and I was comfortable, day and night.

My expectations when it comes to being a present and active dad are extremely high but you’ve never fallen short.

I can’t wait to have more babies with you in the future."

Yes, you read the last part very well. And we know if manz wants to shoot his shot, it is not by chance, he has the full capability.

Like I said this year's Fathers Day is very emotional.