Kamene and Jalas on The Morning Kiss came in to give us some of the small sights and scenes from Naivasha.

I am sure if you're reading this, you were in Naivasha or you were the few in Nairobi watching on social media. 

"I went to Naivasha this weekend to spectate and have fun. And if you know me, I am pretty simple with my enjoyment. Lakini madam si kwa ubaya, manze mnapepetwa kibei rahisi sana. Gawa nation 100 pon 100.

I was somewhere with my friend -I am not going to name names- na tuko rieng. I am with my pal and I am wondering why has this guy given me so much attention. Like I know we are friends but it is never like this." Kamene narrated

She went ahead to ask her boy what was going on,

"I asked him, are you okay? He just told me, 'Kamene kumenuka. So mimi nimekuja na dame wangu, alafu ule mwingine amecome and they have seen each other, wamejamiana wamepandishiana sasa ni mimi wanatafuta. But wanakuogopa. So if I sit with you, I am safe.


I am like what? But I saw such a drop in morals, values, self-love etc. It just wasn't there. There was constantly been of chics coz of guys. And I always tell you, you cant be that chic of fighting over guys."

Jalas then went ahead to say that the situation where he was, was no different.

"Where I was definitely the ratio was still high on the babes side. Guys walikua wanaongelesha watu na madharua knowing they have options. It was you go, leave me kama unakataa. There are guys who had realized they came with their babes and they could not be with them throughout the whole weekend. Lesson learned, be or date someone you want to be with the whole time because that is too much." He told Kamene

What is your Naivasha story please? We want to hear it.