Tanzanian singer Nandy is an amazing stage performer hands down. She gets up on that stage and gives nothing but the best.

During her latest event that was held in Dodoma, she paused her very vigorous performance to receive a call from Samia Suluhu who just celebrated 100 days as president.

She placed the phone on speaker for all the fans to hear her. 


"I am on official duty in Dar es Salam, if not I would be with you today. May you have a nice show, let all Tanzanians enjoy I am thankful that today as I mark my day 100 in office, you are in Dodoma to entertain the youth, tell them I love them so much" President Suluhu told the excited crowd. 

The African Princess could not hide her joy after receiving the call from the head of state.

"Your phone call on Nandy Festival Dodoma is a sign of respect for artists, you have given respect to youths who are working their ways up. I kneel down to thank you Mum, me and my fellow artists are elated. Thank you so much mum." Nandy said. 

The president has shown immense support for local artists in Tanzania by giving them supports and encouraging them to grow their talent. 

Barely two weeks ago, she honored Rayvanny by giving him a gift. 

You can clearly tell they have so much respect for her and support for her they even refer to her as 'mum'. That is probably the highlight of Nandy's performance.

What and who can beat this?