Sheng master and comedian Kartelo may be giving his fans the best in entertainment but behind all that, manz has been through a lot.

Born and raised in the ghetto, he spoke about it saying he was forced to grow up fast. Ahead of his age.

When Kartelo was in form four his then girlfriend was pregnant and they were expecting a baby girl. Sadly, their baby girl succumbed to a few complications just after birth.


"Let me tell you, it is a sad story. I got a child when I was in form four. I got a very beautiful daughter but she did not make it out of the hospital. She died there and at that time, I was living with my parents.

But my girlfriend and I managed to hide it for 9 months. No one knew.  I felt so bad after my daughter passed because at that time I had no money. I wanted to get another child immediately to get rid of the pain I was feeling.  Now that I have another child, I have filed that gap." Kartelo opened up.

About three weeks ago, he introduced his girlfriend - baby mama - Fahima Nassir. and his daughter in a beautiful photo to the world.

Kartelo captioned the sweet picture saying,

 “Imagine playing chess with 2 queens 😎 ii ndio mbogi hunipea life, mbogi yenye hufanya nisicheze blind. Acha leo niappreciate First lady wa kimonyoski @fahima_nassir.”