While you were asleep last night, there was fire in Syokimau. Not real fire but fam, Amber Ray and Amira gave their neighbors some entertainment.

Both women have been declared wives of one businessman, Jimal but seems like they will not accept to be more than one. Well as far as yesterday's altercation goes. 

But the interesting thing is, after all that, Jimal stayed at Amber Ray's house.

Speaking on The Morning Kiss, Kamene and Jalas asked if one would accept to be a second wife or have a second wife come into one's home. Whether the man has declared or not.

"Would you accept that your significant other has someone else in his life?" Jalas asked 

Answering this, Kamene was clear that it is indeed the reality of life.

"But isn't the reality. Even as you're dating, your significant other has another person. Within the circle of religion, that is something else. But population sahizi haikubali. We are more than the men. So for you who is looking to be married and to a substantive man for that matter, you will have to accept that you will ingia as a number two or someone else will."

Then Jalas pointed out a very important point,

"Someone wise once said polygamy is better than prostitution. You would rather come out and say you have two, three women in your life and this is how we are moving.


But even when a man comes out and announces it, you people still do not want to accept. "

Kamen categorically put it out there that she will never be a second nor accept a second but that is her. The most important thing is approaching the situation from a realistic point.

"That's the problem. See for me I will not accept to be a number two or a number one with a number two coming. I have said it, I am not doing it at all. But if the Status quo has been set and umekubali and it happens, do not start fighting it. It is a reality we will have to deal with, By dealing I do not mean we have to accept it. I mean approach it from a realistic point of view."

See in the case of Jimal, Amber and Amira, manz was very public about it all.

"Amber Ray is the second wife to Jimal and Amira is the first wife. And Jimal is an easy and amazing guy doing his thing and has a big heart for the two women and his religion allows for it. 


He has come out publicly even on my show saying that he is married to two women. There is even a place he said he is allowed to add two more." Jalas said

Kamene is for the idea that since Amber knew the situation before hand, wakubali tu.