Juma Jux just got himself a new car, a white Mercedes, and manz will not keep calm about it.

As the car was brought into his compound, he posted the video and captioned saying,

β€œFinally…New family member, I call her β€œHUDDAH” #MyLife video link in my bio #AfricanBoy.” 

Huddah then posted a screenshot of his car and said,

"Juma Jux, see ya! I am on my way 😍😍😍. DAMN! DADDY J 😍😍😍"

Now you do remember these two shared some lovey-dovey comments a while back that got us thinking, what more do these two have going on.

Speaking in an interview with Lil Ommy on Wasafi FM, Jux said,

"The car came straight from Japan. 'So why name it Huddah?' Lil Ommy asked? Well, it is just a name as is. I mean it is a beautiful car, comfortable, pretty."

The presenters then said out loud, "Just like Huddah is yeah?". And all he did was giggle.

Juma Jux refused to give out the price of the car saying let people do their research. It is a Mercedes Benz, 2016 AMG. If you know, you know.