The new slogan is 'Unalala hadi sahi na Omosh anakutegemea?'

This is after Omosh in a new interview appealed for more financial donations, saying he will be grateful, even after Kenyans came through for him.

He however can't account for the donations.

So many people came at him especially those who genuinely and publicly came through for him.

With the way he has been trending, he has been forced to come out and speak on the issue at hand.

"The interviewer asked me  If I would like help from Kenyans. It's a give and take thing. I had also earlier been asked what I would say if I was to meet ex-Nairobi governor Mike Sonko. I said I would want a camera, tripod, and lights. People know me from acting. 

I am not broke.'' Omosh said

He further added,

''As an artist, you can make a mere statement and people take it seriously. 'it was on a light note but Kenyans helped me a lot, you came through for me during a tough time.

I am sorry I have hurt you. And thank you for forgiving me. I did not know think Kenyans would get this offended.

I am feeling really bad about what happened. I am sorry and you will never hear anything bad from me, the only thing you will hear from me is entertainment.''

We will wait and see.