Kamene has educated the girl child that she should not give her man money. Once you do, that will be the beginning of problems.

"It has become a habit and it has become normalized that men are looking at women like an ATM machine. True or not? Love notwithstanding. I am sure I can get a chic who will say, men asking for money, red flag. They just look at you like his chance to omoka." Kamene told Jalas

Agreeing to the fact that yes it is a red flag, he said women are the problem because they wait for it to get that far.


"It is a red flag I agree but it is you who accepted this. So once you accept that you know what, my money is being used. I am being used here. I am here because this person is using my money or this person is taking advantage of me and he does not even love me but loves my money. It is your time to leave much earlier. But what do you people do? Stick there until things like this happen."

A shocked Kamene just went mum.