Willy Paul seems to be having so many problems. His most recent complaint is that Mr. Platnumz stole his beat and created Kamata and now he is crying for Size 8's attention.

Taking to social media, he revealed that Size 8 blocked him on Instagram and does not pick his calls.

"I thought gospel is all about God, hii ni gani yenye we are blocking each other. Size 8 blocked me for no apparent reason. If you call yourself a servant of God then live according to that.


Size 8, you blocked me on Instagram just like that. 4yrs now. Is that what God's people do?? Surely ni gospel gani hii??? Ata simu zangu haushiki. thought tulikua brother na sister. Anyway thanks a lot woman of God. remember, no one is perfect!"

A few weeks ago, Willy Paul shared the main reason why he left the gospel scene. In a nutshell, he said that the industry is full of haters.

"Kama mpaka leo sijawai enda chini juu ya chuki then I don't think I ever will. Some of you ask me why I left the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ... and even call me names because I no longer praise Jesus in my songs.. according to them I'm so evil and everything bad.

Those are the same people that fought me nikiwa upande wa Yesu 😆 Reasons as to why I left. Hate from my fellow artists and DJs, luck of airplay ( claiming my content wasn't Godly back then) ubaguzi na mapendeleo."

I really hope he will have a better month now that June is gone.