But why have people decided to press violence on some of the female celebrities?

Just before we finish catching up on Milly Chebby and the ladies who were trolling her, we are here dealing with people claiming Nimo Gachui she has bleached her skin.

She recorded a video, showing how her body was different from her face and explained why.


"Am I crazy? If I wanted to bleach I would have started with my hands. You better look at my hands, I have like a birthmark. It separates, on this side, I have a lighter skin tone and on the other side, it's darker. And my mum is exactly this way if you have a problem, my friend, it's not your problem," Nimo said.

Adding that her mother is like that too.

"My mum is like that too, and am going to even post a picture of my mum. Her face is brighter, her body and hands are exactly the way I am. So ask God that question, do not ask me. I am tired. This goes to all those saying I am bleaching my face and forgetting my feet."

To prove these doubting Thomas', Nimo posted a picture of her mum to prove the point and a TBT pictures to show she hasn't changed her skin tone

It is a new month guys, let us refrain from choosing violence.