jalas solo
jalas solo

When Kamene met two Jalang'o's kids, she was left surprised upon learning that his son has tortoises as pets.

"Don't think Jalang'o is just a guy from Homa Bay huyu jamaa has done the most and watoto wake ni babi!" Said Kamene.

Yaani when your kids rear dogs and loads of cats as pets, Jalang'o's kids have not one but two tortoises!"

Jalang'o amid laughs went to narrate how hilarious it is for him to carry cabbages with him whenever he takes his sons for sleepovers.

"So they have two tortoises, so when they go for sleepover people will think he is a mganga." He said.

He went on to add,

They have all kinds of friends and when others take their dogs with them, my son goes with tortoises. Now I am wondering how I will explain to my mother how my son traveled with Tortoises.

Sasa mimi kazi ni kubeba cabbage. The best thing they have certificates from KWS.