Obinna has made it clear that he rolls different these days.

Taking to social media, he captioned a picture of him and a new buddy saying that he has changed from the friends who praise and worship him to the friends that challenge him.

"In case you haven't noticed I switched the people I hang around. I got tired of the friends that praise and worship me. I wanted new ones that challenge me to be better than I am and when I'm around them I'm the brokest 🙏🏿.Rem "show me your friends....." Inshallah" Obinna wrote

Just before this PSA, Obinna was accused by a 'fan' of being a snob.  According to the reports, he was put on blast by a man who claims he ignored him as he was seeking financial aid.

Obinna did not make a statement until one Alex Mathenge came to his defense. 

 "I choose not to explain myself to mere Mortals. Like I said before if you know me and you hear any story about me, kindly draw your conclusion based on your previous interactions with Me. "