A financial firm has asked to withdraw as co-conservator of pop star Britney Spears' financial affairs, citing her objections in court last week.

The Bessemer Trust are named as joint guardians of her estate, along with her father Jamie Spears.

The star previously asked through a lawyer to end her father's involvement but last week gave explosive testimony against the entire arrangement.

She described the conservatorship as "abusive" and asked for her life back.

Bessemer Trust filed a motion to withdraw from the arrangement on Thursday, just one day after the latest order in the long-running legal saga upheld their role as co-conservators.

The financial firm cited the singer's 23 June court testimony as the reason it wants to quit.

In a court filing, the company said it had "relied on the representations" that the ongoing conservatorship was voluntary and that all parties, including Spears, had consented to its involvement.

The firm said it had heard Britney Spears's desire to terminate the conservatorship and was seeking to respect her wishes.