Alikiba dropped by the Kiss fm studio to hang out with Kamene and Jalas where he spoke about his new projects and his soon-to-drop album.

They welcomed him in the studio and Jalas said,

"I told you that Kamene is very beautiful ..."

All he did was giggle.

Kamene asked him how he's finding the Nairobi weather and he said he's already used to it but he is suffering from food poisoning.

"Nishazoea baridi ya Nairobi. Jana sijui nilikula nini niliamka na food poisoning. 'Blame Jalas he took us for lunch.'  Slaver said. "No that was dinner time." Jalas answered

Kamene then asked him what he was doing hanging out with the likes of Khaligraph yesterday asking if he is planning to do a project with him.

"Nah, you know when you are an artiste you meet everyone. We were just meeting up as artistes."

Favorite artistes he has worked with?

"In the world? I won't share one. I want someone who knows music. I want an artist who understands it because it is easy to deliver."

We have seen the way Alikiba lives a good life, and Kamene asked him what other income sources he has other than music.

"People think I live a luxurious life, but all I do I music. And all I can say is Alhamdhulihi (we thank God)."

"If you're a married man, do you have to ask for a visa from the wife? Like for Jalas he needs to talk to the wife and ask if it is okay to go for some business like the one we have in Mombasa this weekend." Kamane asked

Answering this, Ali K said,

"Of course, you have to ask, the good thing is, she is understandable and very flexible."

"What made you pick your wife?" Kamene asked

"I saw her at Koroga the first time I ever did that event. I saw her and it was love at first sight from afar and worked hard to make sure she will be my wife."

It is very rare to see King Kiba in any form of Kiki. For him, he believes it is beneath him.

"We have been around for a while na hii mambo ya kiki imekuja tu juzi. I am not a fan of it. People get very excited about it and it doesn't suit me at all. If I do it ntakua najishusha sana."

Before leaving the studio, he mentioned that from all the songs he has done he has a favorite.

"My everything is my favorite song even my wife knows. Even when you see me performing it, you can tell I love that song so much."