Size 8 has always been very vocal about marriage. The good, the bad and the ugly but one thing remains constant, God.

Taking to social media, she put up a prayer for her marriage and for her fan's marriages too.

"Let's pray. Today God we bring our marriages before you thanking you for you have gifted us with each other!! Now Lord we pray may your kingdom come may your will be done in our marriage. Lead us not in temptation but deliver us from all evil. We pray for wisdom patience and understanding to carry us thru this journey and may your grace grant us the ability required for any successful union. Father Lord may your love reign in us and thru us!! And above all may our union bring glory and honour to your holy name!!! May it fulfil its purpose in You oh God thru Christ Jesus our Lord!!Amen"

Remember when her marriage was shaky, she turned to God. From her words, she told her fans that she fasted and prayed for her marriage. That is where she drew strength to stay and work on her marriage despite the cheating allegations.