Elvis Nyaruri has graced us with his 4th studio single 'Mapenzi'.

The song which means love in Swahili, brings out the vulnerable side of this country artist.

In his song, Elvis proclaims,


โ€œWe are all in that deepest point in a pool of love, we all believe that love should be genuine and that we all should stand a chance of love, at least once in our lives.โ€

Unlike his single 'Iโ€™ll Be Doing Fine' where itโ€™s about picking your pieces and soldiering on, Mapenzi is about the frustrations of uncommunication, being there for one that is not emotionally available, still, Elvis believes that despite all these heartaches, theirs is still that distant ray of hope, that just maybe, this eluding love can come to fulfillment.

Elvis proclaims that he has literally lived the lyrics to this song. That this is indeed a real-life experience, loving someone who never notices you, but in the name of love, he persists on. He simply chooses to believe that, maybe misplaced love can find its place in these uncharted waters.

Mapenzi, is one of the songs off his upcoming debut album, which premieres later this month. Elvis promises his fans out there that the wait of this project will be worthwhile.