Just when we thought things between Jemutai and Professor Hamo were finally looking good, she still has a few things she felt her fans need to know.

According to Jemutai, he distanced himself from taking responsibility for the baby as he was a married man.

''I accepted that Hamo was a married man and set my mind that I was taking care of my baby as a single mother.

After the pregnancy, we were not close anymore. We stopped being BFF's to strangers because of a baby.

I stopped doing Churchill show after my baby bump started showing.

I started living alone in Embakasi and at the time I was just living on the floor by laying a mattress down.'' The comedian said

Her mother then visited her and the condition she was living in, she was forced to take her back home until she gave birth.

"My baby surpassed his birth date by two weeks and I had to get induced, The nurse induced me on Monday from 6:00 am to 10 pm

They had not heard the heartbeat from 1 pm, I thought my baby had died. I underwent a CSand Jeremy was born weighing 3.9kgs.

After paying all my bills I had a deficit of 3K, I texted Hamo but he never even bothered to reply.'' She added

Hamo defended himself saying he felt bad and missed Jemutai after the two parted ways

''I overheard people talking about you and that's when I earned that you had gone back home and that you were no longer on Churchill show.

 I went to her new place and was very sad at how she was living yet she was a superstar. I also left her with 15Kto help take care of the baby.''

The mother of two said she had given up on getting a child ever again after what she went through with her firstborn but clearly, Hamo is a smooth operator.