One of the biggest songs of 2020 is hands down, 'Utawezana' by Mejja and Femi One.

In as much Kenyans loved that song, actually East Africans, there are just so many problems surrounding the song and the artistes.

It started with it being banned by KFCB, then the 'Utawezana' challenge was take up by TikTok queen, Azziad and the song kept going viral but Femi has always made it clear that the song was famous before she jumped on it. 

Today the new information is that Mejja wrote the whole song. In fact he says Femi just came in to repeat what he was saying.

"The song utawezana hiyo song yote I had written it. I used to sing part ya dame na boy. 

So do you mean Femi One did not wrote the lyrics and that you wrote them all? 


Yani Femi One used to get in studio and repeat all I was saying. There is nothing she did. So even when people were coming at me for on the lyrics to do with kitambi, they did not know I was the one who wrote that -laughing out loud-." Mejja

Defending himself after a short clip of the interview went viral, Mejja said that there is more to that interview we need to know about. Because this just make it look like there is beef brewing.

"Jamaa Wacha Ku Edit Story Ndio Ikae Kama NiKo Na Noma Na Femi, Listen To The Whole Interview Hii Ku Edit Ndio Story Ikuwe Tamu Haifai Ku Jaribu Kuanza Mambo Mahali HaKuNa You Can Think That's All I Said It Was A Long Conversation Shukran Kaa Rada Ya Edits Juu INa Miss GUIDE Watu, Ndio I Wrote The Song But This Is Not All That I Said Is Just The Part Of A Long Conversation They Edit The Part They Want u To Hear, Kaa Rada Shukran GODBLESS". Mejja took to social media

Femi One has not yet responded to this but we wait to hear her side of the story.