Zari Hassan is out here giving her fans stress after announcing that she has left him.

The 'who' in this case has not been specified but we all know she had a dark stallion in her life.

Raising these suspicions even further is her Instagram page which has no pictures of Zari and her dark stallion. She has deleted them all.

In an Instagram Story post, Zari said that she had to let him go because they were not building each other in any way.

“I miss him, but I had to let him go. If it doesn’t build me I won’t Keep it” She captioned a picture of herself

Sad eyy? I mean this man is good-looking. But Zari was prepared for it all. Remember some of her followers warned her saying this will end in premium tears and she boldly said that she is there to enjoy the moment and that she was not focusing on the future.

"Most miserable people will want to see you in their WhatsApp group. Don't count me in that category a beg. I refuse to be one of you. Happiness lives here. If it ends in tears let it, what will you as a person lose?" Ms. Hassan said

At least we know she never hides her story, so when she is ready, we can almost be sure we will have the full story.