As we begin a brand new week, Kamene's advice to her babes is to simply cut off on dramas.

Kamene is reminding them that there are a million ways of solving problems without having to shout or throw fists at each other.

"If you know me or been around me I am the least dramatic person in the world I don’t believe in drama and I don’t like it, I want my life to be nice and quiet.” Kamene said.

She added,

I think it has really helped me because I can therefore control the perception and impression people have of me and strangers have of me. When you pop off and get dramatic your reputation is going to change.

Kamene says one might be the most educated person but the minute they start being dramatic your name changes to ‘Yule dame wa drama.’

Having witnessed a whole lot of drama this past weekend between ladies, she advised her fellow babes to always take a step back and count to ten before blowing up and save their faces.

“I can get pissed 500 times in a day but you won’t see it because it is just not necessary. You lose out on so much energy, unajiabisha and your reputation and value drops before you even find a solution.” Added Kamene.