Today on The Morning Kiss madame wa kuwekwa, the spotlight is on you.

Jalas gave Kamene a short story of a girl who was elevated by a sponsor then when he left what she calls drifting apart with him, she did not know what to do. Because hey, life has changed for her.

"This chic was happily and humbly living in Buruburu then a sponsor walks in and life changes and you're elevated from 0-100. The suddenly he exists. How do you even start? You go back to Buruburu? Depression will hit you." He said

Kamene who was clear that this is all the fault of the chic said,

"Of course it will. If you want these things, get up and work for this things. Hustle like all of us. 

Now if you've been taking care of me for five years. After all those years, you need to go back to your wife after your community service. But I will tell you, do not leave until I find someone to replace you in taking care of me."

Calling this life dangerous, Jalas asked these people being sponsored to at least plan the money they are getting.

"It is very dangerous. But let us be honest, le us have an honest conversation. We know chics and guys who are been taken care of. We must plan with this money we are being taken care of."

Agreeing to this Kamene said,

"Sell something, open a shop, invest. Do something you can't be baby girl living. Today from a chopper to a yatch. And at the end you have nothing? Leo tunatetea masponyo. You better jipanga."