If you are stuck in the past maybe hoping something good will come out of it then Jalang’o thinks you should move on.

He says when your past (could be people) calls you, do not answer since nothing new will come out of it.


The past is the past, let the past be the past.” Jalas said.

It is the past that maybe held you down or it is the past that maybe you are holding on to hoping would work best for you.”

He says it doesn’t matter how it is packaged the fact remains that it is the past and has nothing new to say. People should move on from the past.


Kamene chimed In and helped the listener understand that sometimes the past can be a people.

It is very easy for people from your past to keep on trying to move into your present and into your future. No! Said Kamene.

If you are the past you are the past, we have a new chapter we have opened and reading a new book. If they couldn’t do anything good to you in the past what makes you think they will bring anything positive now?” Added Jalang’o.