Chito ndhlovu
Chito ndhlovu

Chito has expressed his disappointment in women who expose themselves to shallowness all for the sake of free food and drinks.

Speaking on his latest episode of #AskChito, the Kiss presenter said;

“Being bought for food and drinks is exposing women to a lot of nonsense. Just because someone wants to buy you food and drinks doesn’t mean you have to go and hang out with them for the freebies.”

Why? Because he believes this will see ladies having conversations with unintelligent people and people whom you’ll never even find yourself in a relationship with.

His advice cuts across both genders and urges men to also ensure they are asking people out, people they know they will engage them intellectually.

“This business of twende tukakunywe is exposing a whole lot of people to nonsense. Before you ask someone out on a date understand what type of a person they are.” Chito added.

Chito concluded by reminding gents that they shouldn’t buy women a lot of alcohol on a first date so that the two of you can have meaningful conversations.

Check out the video below;