The 'Ntakufinya' kings have created a whole trend and it makes Kenyans happy. I mean anything to put a smile on our face with all that's going on.

First things first these two men have official names, Musyoka and Matendechere. And they have been reunited 10 years later and this time in peace by Kiss Fm's Jalang'o.

He hosted them on his YouTube channel and that is where he promised to get them endorsements and motorbikes (Pikipiki).

This deal will definitely help the two men who need any form of income. Matendechere  is a family man with two wives and nine children while Musyoka will now get more money aside from the small hustles he wakes up to do in Mukuru kwa Njenga slums where he helps pull water vending carts.

The duo has also appealed to Kenyans who have used their viral clip for commercial purposes to consider sharing the income with them.

“Don’t use my photo or video for free. Even if it's in a comedy skit, include me and we can share the money,” Matendechere.

The digital space really comes through for a lot of people.

Watch the full interview below: