Today on Jalang'o's wake up call, the breakfast co-host gave out an in depth lesson on the willingness to learn.

He challenged his listeners to be that person who is willing to use their mistakes as lessons and learn from them.

Be that person who is hungry for knowledge and learning new and better things.


If you’re not willing to learn no one can help you , but if you’re willing to learn no one can stop you.” Said Jalas.


To me life has always been a journey and each and every single day presents a lesson on what you have made, failures and everything. But each and every single day life presents an opportunity to grow and to be better.


He says if you are always willing to learn from your mistake It will never be a mistake again and it will turn into a lesson.

Jalas says his success comes from the willingness to ask, learn and inquire from his seniors and successful people.

There are people who have lost opportunities just because they wanted to show that they are better, only to realize that the opportunity they lost was a golden one. Make sure that you are that somebody who wants to know more, who wants to listen and learn.Added Jalas.

Check out the video below and I hope it changes your life.