As much as everyone screams ‘adulting is a scam,’ when you are alone and battling with your own thoughts, you should ask yourself whether you are doing adult things.

This means growing as a person, going an extra mile towards bettering your life. This is Jalang’o’s challenge this morning.

Don’t let your national ID be the only proof that you are an adult. Do adult things, make adult moves, make adult decisions, man up, woman up, grow up!” Jalang’o said.

He added,

What is this adult move that you are making, what is this adult plan that you are making and what more will prove that you are an adult? Are you adulting?

Jalang’o challenged his listeners to question whether they are doing enough or whether they have become the man or woman they have always wanted to be.

This includes paying bills, making big moves as well as learning from your own mistakes and becoming a better version of yourself.

What a way to usher in the midweek.