broda shaggi
broda shaggi

One of Africa's best content creators, Broda Shaggi is in Kenya for a media tour.

His first stop today was at Kiss studios where he spewed loads of wisdom for a man who is just 28-years-old.

Shaggi who wears many hats says his inspiration to venture into content creation was the drive to eradicate poverty in his family.

"I wanted to end poverty in my family and when people said 'shaggi you are funny,' I saw it as an opportunity to  start creating content and end poverty in my family," Said Shaggi.

When did the journey begin?

Back in school I used to do school plays and I wanted to end up on the screen and with time I came up with this unique character called broda shaggi.

Contrary to what many people assume, Shaggi assured Jalang'o that he can do stand up comedy stating. 'anything comedy I am in!'

What is Shaggi's advice to someone who's starting out and wants to reach higher height?

If you have a dream stick to it and make it your priority and go for it.

Kamene put Shaggi in a tricky situation when she wanted to know whom he supports between Wizkid and Davido, but as expected he chose to remain patriotic

I'm a lover of music and I love them both and not because I am playing safe it's because I love their craft.

Shaggi will be in the country for the next few days and will be meeting his fans at a meet and greet session at B Club on Friday.