Kamene selfie
Kamene selfie

The one thing that many people struggle to understand is why most women lie about their age.

Some defend such questions by claiming that a woman is not supposed to reveal her age at any given time.

Men do not have an issue with shouting their age from the roof tops and Kamene tried to make us understand why women would rather lie about their age.

"There's this narrative maybe from women that by the time you turn 30 you are married and have kids and when you haven't met those expectations they feel they haven't achieved anything and are a low benchmark." Kamene said.

Kamene added that she has never hidden her age or lied about it saying that till date, people think she is older than her actual age.

Jalang'o challenged women to not succumb to societal pressures saying that life has no formula and that you can still achieve what you want at any age.

"Gwen Stefani got married at the age of 51 so no pressure, kama uko 35 carry it with pride." He said.