Otile brown and king kaka
Otile brown and king kaka

It has been four years since King Kaka and Otile Brown joined forces in 'alivyonipenda' jam.

Today the legendary music heavyweights have rolled back the years with 'fight' another banger which is set to shake the music industry.

This comes just days after Kaka endorsed Brown as Kenya's current best artist.

"Wewe ndio the number one artist in the country, niko na number one artist in the country man," Said Kaka as he placed his hand on Otile's shoulder.

A blushing Otile took it humbly saying, 

Sijui lakini King akisema that’s a validation bro, a 100% unanielewa?"

Praising Otile's hunger and work ethic, Kaka added;

Huyu msee manze tukido ‘alivyonipenda’ huyu msee alikuwa na determination ingine yaani like you could see success kwa huyu msee."

Check out fight below;