This morning on his daily dose of Jalang'o's wake up call, the breakfast co-host listed two very important things that will always define you.

"When you don’t have anything are you patient enough to wait, to work hard to focus and not to lose the direction that you have taken for your dreams? And once you have it what’s your attitude towards having it?“ Said Jalang'o.

He questioned how you are treating people who made you who you are today and whether you have gotten the ‘nimefika’ attitude.

Inspired by Jalas’s words, Kamene says it also helps you when it comes to discerning the people you let into your life.

“Struggle really humbles people but you can see the same way how people change a 1000% when they get it.” Said Kamene.

She added,

And when you see someone who’s attitude, who’s demeanor changes when they have it for me that’s red flag number one.

Jalas says he has a problem with people who struggle to get something then relax after getting it and go back to struggling again once they lose it.

His advice is for people to work hard, save and still maintain the same hunger.