Tedd Josiah
Tedd Josiah

"It is time to wake the hell up!" That is Tedd Josiah's message to the youth as we grapple with the ballooning cost of living.


Tedd Josiah can’t understand how the government can keep on tripling taxes in the middle of a pandemic.

He decries how thousands of youths are losing their jobs and their hard earned properties while the politicians just sit and watch.

He warned the youth that if they don’t speak up, the politicians will end up owning that small piece of land they inherited from their forefathers.

It is 2021 in a middle of a pandemic and young people are losing their jobs in this country, it’s crazy,“ Said Josiah.

He went on to add,

The job losses in this country in 2020/2021 have been magnificently huge yet you want to increase tariffs of mobile phone usage whether you are calling or using bundles and a lot of people are using bundles to do business and communicate and back and forth.

Commodity prices have gone up by 20% and Josiah can’t seem to fathom why would the government increase the land rates yet the lands aren’t going anywhere.

You people in government are trying to make sure that the young people and the citizens who are hard working lose their properties, somebody need to call you out.

The wealthy politicians want to snatch these things, that is what you are doing that is your game plan.” Josiah added.

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