Chito and Jalas
Chito and Jalas

Do you remember how excited you were when you received your first salary? How did you spent it, because I am pretty sure it is worth remembering.

Jalang'o says when his first salo checked in, he withdrew Ksh2,000 and called his brother and fellow comedian Otos and offered to treated him to some Mc Frys chicken and fries.

He said,

"Then I went and changed my bed and moved from Okman TV set and bought myself a brand new 21 inch Sony TV I think it was around Sh18,000 – 20,000, and it was more clearer and girls loved it.” 

Chito remembers very well he received his first salary when he used to work at Barclays plaza for a certain radio station that unfortunately shut down years ago.

“So what happened I got my chums and bought my parents dinner at Sankara. They were happy but that dinner costed like half my salary” Said Chito amid laughter.

Check out how Kenyans spent their first salary even as Jalas says many people are never prepared for it.

Nyakwar: My first salary mm nilitoka job kama nimeenda kamkunji kununua mattress zile za blue in colour, my first time to received 5k in cash😂😂😂😂😂 na nikahama kwa hao ya mabati that time i use to stayed in K-south may God my first company for me

Abuor: Paid my debts

Zablon: I bought mattress #ChitoAndJalas nikiwa spring valley