Mbuz gang kiss studios
Mbuz gang kiss studios

Mbuzi gang members passed by our studios this morning where they left the studios on fire, on a fine Friday morning.

Sharing their journey with Jalas and Chito, the group whose members are  Joefes 254, iPhoolish and Fathermoh said they met back in High school.

"We've known each other since high school and iPhoolish started out as our fan and since we had already formed Mbuzi Gang but since we wanted something different we welcomed him to the family," Said Joefess.

What is Mbuzi Gang's creative process like;

First thing we do is wake up furthermore he's always sleeping and then cash kid anaanza ku make beat and anasema anataka we do something different and once the beat is done we work on the chorus.

Have they started making some good money and what is the biggest show they have performed in?

Our are great across all platforms. Our biggest shows has to be during DJ Maphorisa's event as well as our show in Kampala.


Jalas a seasoned entertainer who knows a thing or two on how to build a successful brand advised them to stick together and hold each other down.

He asked them to continue being diverse and learn from Sauti Sol who have embraced each other different talents.

Before bouncing off, Mbuzi Gang launched their new hit Bambi exclusively on Kiss FM!