for the last few weeks, American rapper Rick Ross has been commenting on Hamisa Mobetto's posts on Instagram flirtatiously. 

The Tanzanian model never held back and engaged him from time to time, something which got her fans thinking that there might be something brewing between the two.

However in an interview, Mobetto refuted claims that the two are in love saying they are just working and hopefully the fans will see what they have been working on

"There's work involved but its not what people think"

When asked whether its love, she insisted;

 "No, There's nothing like that"

A few days ago, Mobetto announced she was in Dubai the same time Rick Ross was scheduled to perform at the UAE state.

The news wasn't well received by Manzi Wa Kibera who had some advise for the Diamond baby mama.

She called on her to not sleep with Rick Ross while in Dubai and instead let him prove his love for her by taking her to his crib in USA.

Hey Hamissa Mobetto, we have seen Rick Ross amekupeleka Dubai, kule Dubai basi Rick Ross mwenyewe tunajua malengo ya kwake. Rick Ross wants to smash you in Dubai if he really loves you let him take you to USA, and smash you there not in a hotel.