Legendary musician, Nameless has revealed that he is working with Trio Mio, Habib and Nelly the Goon to honour fallen legend, E-Sir.

Nameless revealed the great news on his reality show ‘This Love.’ Nameless spoke while in a with the three.

Nelly said that he had been working on the tribute song for two years now.

“I have written this song for like two years. I needed to do this for a legend that has done it for the music, he inspired me so much, he needs to be taken as the legend he is.” He said.

An excited Wahu, who had accompanied her husband, added, “It is an interesting song because it bigs up E-Sir and I like that idea.”

On the latest episode, the power couple visited the late E-Sir’s grave-site together with the likes of Talia Oyando, Mr Lenny, Nonini and other top entertainers.

E-Sir, born Issah Mmari, died on March 16, 2003, in an accident along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway on his way back to Nairobi from a concert in Nakuru. He was accompanied by his colleague and best friend Nameless.

We cannot wait for that E-sir tribute song!