polycarp otieno fancy fingers
polycarp otieno fancy fingers

Sauti Sol's Polycarp Otieno aka Fancy Fingers has shared a video of a glorious moment when his father, met his grandson, Baby O.

In the video, the Sauti Sol guitarrist's dad is seen savoring every moment with his grandson as he uses his car keys to elicit some giggles from baby O.

Taking to his socials, POlycarp termed the moment as 'special'.

"This was when dad met his grandson for the first time. They look so alike so it was great to see them finally together. A very special moment it was. That feeling family gives you is like no other." Wrote Polycarp.

A few weeks ago during Father's day, Polycarp, his dad and younger brother Olang'o Otieno, had a sit down where they discussed fatherhood.

Polycarp's father asked what kind of a father his sons thought he was.

Replying to this, the guitarist said, "You were very strict and you know that (laughs). I do not know if there are naughty moments about me that I do not remember that you want to talk about?"

Reminding him of the day he stole a friend's tyre, his dad said;

"Now as the boy is looking for the tyre outside, you're looking at him through the window and you didn't know I saw you." 

He went on to add,

So I told you, people who take people's things without permission are thieves. So you as a thief, what you're going to do is carry this tyre, go to their house to return singing 'I am a thief', and I will follow you to hear if you will sing those words.

"What I was doing was controlling the situation when you're still young because it can get out of hand."

Advising the two young fathers, he urged them to always correct their children.