Jacque Maribe is back with another online show dubbed 'The Jacque Maribe Show'.

Just after she settled down after she was released, she had lost her job on as an anchor and since she loves that space, she decided to start her own show, 'The Hot Seat'.  Jacque only did a few episodes down, before she went silent.

Yesterday, she debuted her first episode of the new show with LSK President Nelson Havi as her first guest.


"A new show is born...introducing...The Jacque Maribe Show. LSK President Nelson Havi is gracing our screens on the show. Catch us on our YouTube page, Sunday 8pm, on The Jacque Maribe Show." Jacque took to social media

'The Hot Seat made' a comeback on YouTube for season two in February 2021 without Maribe, and her position was taken by Sarah Mwangi who was previously the producer of the show.

Let's see how this one will go. The first episode was good and insightful. A space she loves being in. People must stay informed.