Vera Sidika had a very lit gender reveal party that was clearly well planned. Okay, well except for the fact that her baby daddy Brown Mauzo was absent.

From the deco to her attire and those who attended actually paid attention to the details on the invite. The videos were proof that she had a good time.

But kumbe behind the scenes had some drama. Well, according to comedian, Akuku Danger, Vera owes him some thousands.

Taking to social media, he exposed her for not paying him after using his sound equipment. 

"VERA SIDIKA PAY YOUR SERVICE PROVIDERS‼️Some of us it's the 'small money' that makes a difference in our livelihoods. I'm kindly asking you to pay me my balance of 5,000/= Which rightfully belongs to me!So this is what happened. Yesterday Vera called me (Amplitude Events and Marketing) 30 minutes to her gender reveal party to provide her with a Sound system for 1hour. We agreed on 15k. She sent me a down payment of 10,000/=(Swipe Mpesa message) and promised to pay the balance when the sound system gets to the venue(Fair Acre Boutique Karen). We got there albeit 10 minutes late, it was short notice and we did all we could to be there in time. We got there by 7 Pm and did the setup by 7:10 Pm the event started. Upon finishing my end of the bargain which was at 9 Pm I asked for my balance Only for her to now assume she doesn't know who we are and instead sent a team of bouncers/Security, A group of her already drunk Lady friends and some guy by the name Victor to whisk us away making all sorts of insults at us. All this while she is standing there pretending to be on her phone."

Adding that Vera apparently sent security and friends to kick them out saying she will send the money in the morning.

"By Now it was already 1 am in the night Mark you we had finished packing up by 9 Pm. All this while we kept asking for the balance and she was like " Wacheni nimalize photoshoot kwanza I'll sort you guys out, 5k ni pesa ya kunisumbua every now and then) we were patient. By 1am We couldn't take it anymore and that's when she sent her drunk girlfriends and Security to get us out with a promise of "She'll see what to do in the morning" Till Now she ain't picking my calls or returning my texts.VERA Trust you me, I'd let the 5k slide but it's the disrespect that you showed me and my team last night that makes me do this. Imagine leaving the venue at 1am past curfew hours, Makarau ndio hao na sisi. To cut the long story short even the 10k you paid me ended up going down the drain. Now I'm in arrears coz now my team also are demanding payment from me. What do you want me to do?Please Pay me."

In support of Akuku Danger, Terence said he will send him the money and others urged Vera to pay the money.

Terence Creative: Bro nimejam nakutumia hiyo 5k hata


Responding to people who are throwing hate and trolls to him for just saying his truth, Akuku Danger addressed them and said,

"For those saying I'm petty do you know how it feels kurushiwa matusi na madem wamelewa na saa hizo mdosi wao anacheza Temple run hapo kando ati hawatujui Sasa? It's not even about the money it's the arrogance and disrespect she treated me and my team with. The 5k might seem sublime but trust you me some of us live for that 5k. If she could have just been Respectful enough and told me I'll sort you in the morning or even after a week this post couldn't have seen the light of day. TREAT PEOPLE WITH RESPECT. SOME OF US LIVE FOR THAT 5K. WE HAVE FAMILIES TO"

Vera is yet to comment on the issue at hand.