Come and testify, where did you meet your significant other? Today on The Morning Kiss, Chito and Jalas told listeners where they met their wives and warned us on places you won't find love.

"I met my wife at her sister's place. Her sister was my friend and then from here, kaboom here we are and here we go again." Jalas said

Chito was clear that he went places and home was where he was sure love lives there.


"Mine was a calculated move. I went out of the estate, out of the country but I decided, East or West, home is best. At least huyu najua. How they behave and how they think. Huko kwingine nilionyeshwa mambo."

Jalas said he has heard the church is not the best place to find your special someone.

Chito who had a different view said,


"It is the best place you will find the true ones. Those are the ones you need. Mwenye ametoka straight home and you think they are the ones. You have not seen what has happened to our friend? The wife has woken up and decided she wants to go and move around after seven years. Hiyo n kitu gani?"

Jalas said,

"I hear they have tried it all and decided wacha nirudi tu kwa Mungu. I hear it is best to meet them in the streets, kama yeye ni mwenda wazimu because now in church she is lying."

He added that,

"Ati a weeding is the wrong place to meet someone."

Chito said at weddings, the ladies are always up for a good time.

"Wedding is the place to find for a good time. The mamas are always here for a good time.

My wedding had a lot of single ladies and the parking guys even put them at a certain spot strategically."

Laughing out loud, Jalas told wamamas need to chill at wedding.

"That is fine, I hate when wamama do not give the young ones a chance. When the flower is being thrown they are the ones running for it. They must be seen is their mantra. But I hear those ones at a wedding unless you're putting up a wedding for them. They can really sumbua you."