This morning, Jalas had a simple reminder to us all that if indeed we want to survive in this world, we have to ditch our pride.

His message goes to those who love to choose the kind of hustle they want to venture in, instead of getting down and dirty.

A chameleon that wants to survive the burning bush, must abandon the majestic walk. These burning bushes are the daily hustles and you have to go all in, in what you do and get out of your comfort zone,” Said Jalang’o.

He added,

The burning bush is forever burning and people who are surviving are those who are running away from it. That is waking up early, sleeping late, knocking on those doors, asking questions, closing deals and all.

Jalang’o advised people to look for ordinary jobs even as they chase those big dreams, urging them to never be ashamed of their hustles as long as the hustle is real.

In regards to that, Kamene narrated how she always finds people waiting for her after her shows, begging for help. She says at one time a teary lady approached her begging for rent money, yet she had not been paid.

Sometimes we do exactly what we have to do to make ends meet. Mimi naeza fanya job ya 5k 6k if I need it, I will look for it. There is no majesty, there is no comfort, elegance or royalty it is not clean when you are hustling.

She reminded the people that when we wake up in the morning we either eat or be eaten.