Crazy Kennar brings so much joy to so many Kenyans every day but this man will not stop at anything. 

He wears many hats. A content creator, an influencer, a CEO and an actuarial science student. Can you imagine in the same 24 hours you have Crazy Kennar has played all these roles?

Speaking to Chito and Jalas on The Morning Kiss, he talked about his business, 'Instant Delicacies' a restaurant in Juja.


"The business is doing fine. In fact, the people eating there ni wazito wa ma V8 na Mercedes. Students come once in a while. Sana sana comrade Tuesdays where we focus on chapati madondo.

Opening this restaurant was not cheap. I had this idea for a while and brainstormed with my manager. Luckily I had some money coming in and so I saved up and started the business. To start any business you must have capital." Crazy Kennar said

The Chito asked him how he managed accountability especially because it is a restaurant.


"First, you must have a reliable team. A team that has 100% accountability. We selected a good team from the chefs and then the management we are very strict and very accountable. I have young people who are willing to learn and that has helped." The comedian said

Jalas went ahead and asked him to talk to his fellow youngins.

"People look at this generation as though it is all about pombe, bhangi na siasa na wanawake but we have the serious ones like you. What would you tell your fellow young people?" Jalas asked

"People out here have dreams. Ukikaa na watu, hata huyo wa bhangi akona dreams. But the problem is the level of consistency. Do not run so many races. Pick one race all the way. You also have to surround yourself with people who inspire you and three, put God first for those who believe in God. God gives you a dream based on what he can give you and not what you have.

I really believe in the impossible and my dreams even scare me but I believe it all comes to pass." Crazy Kennar concluded