Can we all just thank God for today's weather? Yesterday was a whole mess. The cold was just too much.

Speaking on The Morning Kiss, Kamene and Jalas were out here giving us hacks to survive the cold season. And one of them includes onesies.

"Put the people of Kinangop in your prayer. They had gone to single digits when it comes to temperature yesterday. It is very cold there." Jalas said

Kamene then told her Mombasa people to appreciate the little warmth they have.

"Today I was loosely complaining on Instagram, the highest it will get is 19, 20 degrees and mtu wa Mombasa akiwa 23 anateta."

If you follow Jalas on social media, you saw him in a onesie, something he has bever owed. But the weather dictates otherwise.

"So yesterday I get home and found everyone one has on a onesie. My wife had bought me a huge one and I posted and said pride comes before pneumonia."

Adding to this, Kamene said,

"Another one that we must have is those ugly super huge socks. Those ones should even be worn hata nje. Let me tell you, aibu ni wewe. This season hatuna aibu."

The Morning duo hosts told their listeners that this is no the time to slay but to keep warm and avoid getting sick.