The past couple of days a video of Kenyans talking about the best restaurants in Nairobi has gone viral.

Among the restaurants that were mentioned include; Red Ginger, Cultiva, El Giocoliere and  Local Grill with many Kenyans saying they have never heard of them.

As Kamene and Jalas discussed about these 'newly discovered' restaurants, they took a dig at women who think are chopping life just because their men take them to bars in the name of a date.

The two reminded the ladies out there that if a man ever takes you to a joint written, 'bar and restaurant' then that's not a date.

“Mtu akasema sasa mnaona? Mmezoea kupelekwa Gallitos na McFrys and you fall in love, mnaenda kula 18 mnaona ni mapenzi.” Jalang’o said.

Kamene added,

Let me tell you something if he is taking you out to a date and the place is called XYZ bar and restaurant, sweery it is not a date.”

The two says you need to be taken where they serve in courses and not meals, adding that if a man takes you to a bar and restaurant then you should wear jeans and sneakers.

Watch the hilarious video below;