Kamene and Jalas played a certain clip on air where some ladies shocked everyone by stating that they should be judged by their beauty and aesthetics.

They went ahead to state that men should be judged by their pockets and if they are broke then they are worthless.

One woman was proud enough to say that she has a University degree and she is not looking to work for her lifestyle and instead, a man should provide her with leisure.

In short she is after that ‘baby girl lifestyle.’

Reacting to the clip, Kamene said;

“In 2021 there are women who think like this? For me I am so sorry. With all due respect this sounds like a bunch of lazy women.”

Jalang’o said he has witnessed cases where women who bring down empires after they inherit everything from the man who gave them the ‘baby girl lifestyle’ because they didn’t have any work ethic or business acumen to keep the businesses going.

“There are chics out here being given money by their boyfriends or men in their lives. When that is taken away from them, they come down crumbling because they don’t know how to do anything.” Jalang’o said.

The big question is; Are there such ladies in Kenya and are those what they call long term goals?