Jalang'o solo
Jalang'o solo

As Jalang’o marked #KameneAndJalas show’s first anniversary, the seasoned presenter was quick to remind his doubters that Rome wasn’t build in a day.

He says that even in life, you build on a daily basis as you work towards your set targets which is similar to what Kamene and him have been doing on the show, for the past year.

"You build the future, it won’t just happen in a day. Today marks one year and one day since we began our show here, yesterday we celebrated our first anniversary amidst every single criticism." Jalang'o said.

Celebrating their first anniversary, Jalang’o says despite some people not believing in them, slowly by slowly they know what they are building.

They know where they want to take the Kamene and Jalas show, whom they want to reach and impact with the information they relay every single day.

It might take time but we will count as we build our future one day at a time.“ He added.

Kamene reminded the show’s listeners that life is a process and their future is a daily consistent investment, that they are making to achieve their goals and they should always take it like that.

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