Bothers and sisters, come here let's talk about dating in Nairobi aka Kanairo and how we don't really do proper due diligence.

"Always check out who owns the land. It mind be a community land. When building a relationship, ask yourself, 'are you living in a mansion alone ama mko kwa plot'? The quick answer to this is, people do not do background checks.

When love comes, it is blind and can swipe you off your feet. Solomon was the wisest man after God's heart we still do not understand why and how he ended up with all these women.

It just tells you one thing, very few people do due diligence before getting into a relationship. Only to realize a week later they are not alone." Jalas started the conversation

Responding to this, Kamene started by telling Jalas that he does not have the current knowledge on how dating in Nairobi is.

"First of all Solomon was a constituency. Anyway, remember you have been with Jaber for more than 10 years so you're missing 10 years of experience bruh. You guy, this is 2021 in Nairobi you must do due diligence.

Let me tell you before a man asks me to be his girlfriend let me tell you, hold up let me go to Kiambu road for your certificate of good conduct, can I see your taxes and ask where they live. When I hear Lanagata I know we are like 1000 of us."

Jalas who wants to be the next Langata MP told Kamene,

"By the way do not talk bad about Langata. Every time you talk about Langata put some respect on that constituency, please. Unachoma sasa.

Let's come back to reality. The ideal should be going deep down and researching. The other reality is, who even asks people to be their girlfriends these days? Watu wanashtukia tu wako pamoja. I have seen relationships that begun from a table on the club and they have moved on to fall in love seriously."

"It is rough in here." Kamene says

Ending this conversation, Jalas told Kamene she should come crying to him unless she has done her due diligence.

"I have seen you come here crying 'ooh I did not know'. The things you people cry for a miscellaneous. Listen and listen well, your next relationship if you come here crying and you're here saying you  do due diligence, heh!"