I am sure you have been laughing out loud since Diamond Platnumz dropped a video of his session with Snoop Dogg.

It was all about the look on Platnumz face. Snoop had some solid advice for him when it comes to the music game but the words seemed very foreign to him. The accent was just too heavy.

All Diamond said was 'yes, yeah..'

Speaking on The Kiss Fm's Drive Show, Chito urged the 'Waah' singer to travel with an interpreter.

"But we have to give it up to Diamond, he tried a t least. But also, Snoop Dogg akona madharau. Diamond should have gone with an interpreter.  Snoop talks to the guy then Diamond gets a Swahili translation then he answers. "

Cyd also had her solution to this continuous problem and told the Tanzania artiste to just go to school.

"Diamond should just go for English lessons really. But imagine if it was another Tanzanian there to interpret, confusion."

Despite it all, manz is doing a good job.