Bahati is in the spirit of thanksgiving and I guess it is because he has seen the greatness of God in his life even when he was not sure what life had in store for him. 

In the same spirit, Diana Marua joined her husband in appreciating their first-born son, Morgan. Bahati shared how he got to adopt him even when he did not qualify because of space in his house.

Read the story below:

Diana shared the little moments that touched her heart and the most vivid one is when Morgan asked why he does not call her 'mummy;

"Sometimes I sit down and question God why I am so Blessed even when I don't deserve it... Then I hear Him whisper, "you wholeheartedly accepted him as your son."@Morgan_bahati you were the first one to call Me Mummy even when I wasn't prepared to act the role. I remember one day you came home from playing then you asked me... "Aunty Dee, mbona mafriends wangu wanauliza mbona naita Daddy-Dad na wewe Nakuita Aunty na Sio Mum?"Those words pierced my heart and I could see the genuineness in your eyes of you wanting someone to call Mum. I was in your life then and forever..."

Adding that,

"I loved your Dad with everything he had including you and his family. I wanted you to call me 'Mum' when you were comfortable, at your own time. This day, you came and asked me that... I told you to call me Mum if you're okay with it and never have you ever called me 'Aunty Dee' again even by mistake. I love you as my first baby, more than words can ever explain. I thank God for you always. You are one of the biggest reasons why your Dad and I are Blessed. Thank you for calling me Mummy. You've become a big boy now, almost a teenager and you surprise me with your IQ every day. May His Favour and Blessings Locate you all the Days of Your life."