Libby Ndambo Ngùgí, singer, songwriter and amazing performer is the example we need to be following.

See the norm is the man does everything in his power to make his girlfriend, fiancé, or wife happy. But men need to feel special too.

She walked down the aisle in 2020 and shared her vows with the love of her life who was the inspiration for her new song, 'I Do'.

Speaking on the process of songwriting. Libby said,

"I wrote this song 2 yrs into dating my now-husband. I wanted a song I could walk down the aisle with that expressed exactly how I felt about him but also as a Christian a song that was not centered on lust being the motive of my love but genuinely falling in love with who he is beyond first sight. I also wanted a song I could sing to him and we could dance to like our song and that was a true representation of how I love and adore him. I also decided I wanted to dance down the aisle, unlike normal brides.

I wrote the verses and chorus of the song in 2017....and in May 2021 I did the whole recording of the song. I left the studio and got some ideas to add vernacular to the song while going home. I sent a few voice notes to Modest(the producer) and then we had a video call and I pitched the changes and it was a go. That is when the song finally felt perfect and complete"

Her plan was to jam to the song as she walked down the aisle but 'the vid' came in between that plan.

"COVID-19 spoilt my plans to record the song before my wedding, I was still able to dance down the isle. Another inspiration was, I sang at many weddings and a lot of the times brides would walk down the isle to slow worship songs .While that's okay ,I kept wondering aren't there songs that can be played in a church wedding." Libby added

If she can repeat her wedding day, this is the one thing she will add to the amazing day it was. At least africanus are slowly embracing renewing vows so Libby worry not, you can still dance to this song with your husband some day.

Enjoy the song below: